People are going through hardships right now. Losing housing could be a particularly hard shock. If you have good tenants in place that are unable to pay on a temporary basis, I encourage you to consider alternatives to eviction. If you vetted your tenant well and are budgeted properly, we can put an agreement in place that can protect both parties as we learn more and adapt to the coronavirus.

There are already suspensions across the court system, including a 60-day suspension of foreclosures in Cuyahoga County. The Cuyahoga County Sheriff has been instructed to return any Order of Sale. City Council in Cleveland is considering suspending eviction cases. Summit County Civil Division is already under a 2-week suspension with Municipal Courts likely to follow suit. Even if you are able to get a judgment in three weeks, it may not be enforceable after the move out date.

Accordingly, I believe that it is best to get out front of any potential disruptions. It will build trust, foster better tenant relations, and ultimately build credibility with the Court should future action become necessary. 

A well drafted agreement should set out the cause and remedy for disruptions to the ability to pay. It can add additional protections for each party. Finally, it should establish an address for future service of process and update other personal information, should it become necessary.

Let me know if you think that I can help make an agreement that benefits both parties.

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