Many people differ in how they can most effectively reach out to an attorney and have their legal issues resolved. I’m happy to accommodate. My office is able to communicate with you through any medium you feel is most convenient, whether that be by phone, text, a Zoom or Google Hangouts meeting, or meeting in person with the necessary safety precautions. 

    Even with precautions in place, some business still must be completed through in-person meetings. For this reason, I would be happy to offer any extra COVID-19 accommodations that are necessary to help you feel at-ease and safe while conducting in-person business. Any deed signings that require a spectating witness can be performed through a glass barrier; and of course, I will always be wearing a mask and distancing. 

    If you have any other concerns or want to arrange a consultation, feel free to call, email, or message me on my social media. I’m available however works best for you.

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